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The goal at The Finance Habit is to give college students and young adults the information to lead financially fulfilling lives. Seriously, the power of knowing your money shit is off-the-charts. Our number one goal is to empower young adults with strategies on saving, making money online, and other tips to bring in huge money while still young and free.

If you’re in school full-time, this is the perfect time to start making money. Pay your school tuition, housing, meals, cars, clothes, you name it – now is the time to start experimenting with ways to generate income.

My name is Charlie, and I started The Finance Habit blog. I’m a 26-year-old entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in an extremely frugal household to Asian-immigrant parents, where my sister and I learned the value of the dollar. I hated spending money and was always looking for ways I could reduce my spending.

This included never having my own car, having a cell phone with no text messaging plan, and always buying the cheapest thing on the menu, just to name a few.

Alongside my frugality, my interest in entrepreneurship formed at an early age. I started my own candy selling business in middle school, buying candy bars in bulk at Costco and selling them for a profit. I started my photography business in high school. And now today, I run multiple businesses ranging from e-commerce, to photography, to real estate.

After graduating from UCLA, I began learning about investing and all the unique ways there are to make money. I immersed myself in books, articles, blogs, anything I could get my hands on to learn about finance.

You see, I was originally supposed to become a doctor - I studied Psychology and Biology, took the MCAT, worked in a lab, and got great grades. But I HATED it. Hospitals scared me, needles and blood make me feel like passing out, and I just couldn't see why I was forcing myself into a profession that I would not enjoy.

I was so relieved when I didn't get into any schools, and decided then and there that I had to become an entrepreneur.

I tried different businesses, failed in some and succeeded in others. I tutored for extra income. When I first started straight out of college, many days I was making zero money and barely getting by. I hustled hard to stay afloat! I knew that I had to change my habits and figure out new and creative ways to make money. That's how I got into e-commerce, and my love of online income has grown exponentially since then. 

I read and learned everyday. I knew I had to make my parents proud somehow. I brought my own investing to new levels with retirement and brokerage accounts, real estate, and business.

It has been a long uphill battle, but a fight that I greatly appreciate and ultimately attribute to my financial knowledge.

My goal is to empower students and recent graduates by providing financial, investing, and business knowledge.

I started The Finance Habit with the sole purpose to help like-minded young people become financially rich. Cash money. Making so much money that you don’t know what to do with it and your friends are asking where your money is coming from.

There’s no shortage of money in this world, you just need to know where to look. 

The Finance Habit is a blog written by successful, smart, and driven people from around the US. Some are young college students with successful businesses, some are experienced investors, and others are entrepreneurs that devote their lives to attaining financial freedom. A common trait in the contributors to this blog is the vision of knowing how to make money work for them.

Here are some principles I live by. They have greatly helped me in many ways:

  1. Don't spend money on useless things. 
  2. Live like you're poor, even if you're not.
  3. Invest in your own knowledge.
  4. Work extremely hard on the things you are passionate about.
  5. Make your money work for you.

If you’re interested in securing your financial destiny, I encourage you to join our community. You’ll learn so many avenues in which you can invest, make passive income, and increase your net worth. This isn’t the stuff they teach you in school – this is real life knowledge that I guarantee will lead you on a path to riches. Happy reading!

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