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Improve Your Credit Score the Quick & Easy Way

January 25, 2019

Reading Time: 7 minutesI love hearing discussions about credit scores and how to improve them. Why?Because if you’re concerned about raising your credit score, that means you realize the importance of having a high credit score and how it can benefit you in a myriad of ways.Credit scores are like Tinder in a way. If you’re super good looking, […]


10 Things I Implemented to Slash My Spending in Half

October 10, 2018

Reading Time: 6 minutesI put in hard work, and money walks its way into my bank account. But will it stay there? It seems as if it always has an urge to sprint out the back door, never to be seen again. I guess that’s what is happening to many people here in the U.S. Spending money has […]


Why I Care About Personal Finance, and You Should Too

September 29, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are lots of things out there that we can enjoy doing — sports, painting, photography, traveling — and the list goes on. I was thinking about why I currently devote a good portion of my active mind to personal finance, and I realized that it’s because I want my money to work for me […]


The Frugal Mindset

July 31, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutesSo… What does it mean to be frugal? I’ve thought long and hard about this “mindset” and what it means to people.Being frugal can be looked down upon. People associate and use the word interchangeably with terms such as cheap, scrimping, stingy, penny pinching. People say, If you’re so careful with spending money, then isn’t […]